Whether you have a friend, a significant other, or a spouse, navigating relationships can be very difficult. We often blame others for our problems instead of evaluating ourselves. This pattern started with the very first couple in the Bible, Adam and Eve. After sinning, they blamed their shortcomings on anyone and anything except themselves. They tried to hide from God, avoided the issue, and placed the responsibility elsewhere. But God in his grace brought what was hidden to light.


  • Have you ever been in some kind of relationship that fell apart?

  • How have you seen or experienced the negative effects of blaming others in a relationship?

  • If you were only 10% wrong and the other person was 90% wrong, would you still admit your own faults?  


  • In Adam and Eve’s response to God (v.7-13), is what they claim about their actions true? What do they leave out?  

  • How did blaming the other person negatively affect Adam and Eve’s individual relationship with God? Did blaming others help them avoid personal consequences? 

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