As we work on the becoming the person God wants us to be, we can sometimes be distracted by comparing ourselves to others. Doubts can overwhelm our hearts when life doesn't go as planned or we see others succeed while we fail. We can become discouraged and want to give up.  In Psalm 37:1-9, David determines to seek God even in the midst of uncertainty and seeing the wicked prosper.  He commits his way to the Lord and trusts Him for the outcome.


  • What is causing you to be envious of others or worried?
  • If married, how do you compare your marriage to others and how has that affected your expectations of your marriage?
  • If single, how does watching other friends get married affect your walk with God and contentment?


  • Are you content where God has relationship status or marriage right now?
  • In verses 1-9, what action verbs are we commanded to put into practice in our relationship with God?
  • What promises does God give in verses 1-9 in response to his commands? 


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