Unfortunately, in our culture women are often viewed as a commodity. But this is so far from biblical Christianity. Throughout Jesus’ ministry He elevated women in a culture that degraded them, and He calls us to live the same way.

Jesus is on a mission to save the world, but He stops to talk to a Samaritan woman in John 4. Samaritans “had intermarried with the foreigners and adopted their idolatrous religion. Samaritans were generally considered ‘half-breeds’ and were universally despised by the Jews” (Who were the Samaritans?) Jesus went to a despised people to reach someone who had been cast out.


  • Do you agree that women are viewed as commodities in our culture? If so, what evidence do you see that leads to this conclusion?
  • How has that cultural belief crept into your own mind-set?


  • How did Jesus show value and honor to the woman in John 4? What actions and behaviors did he demonstrate?
  • Verse 4 states that Jesus “had to go through Samaria”. He was intentionally pursuing one person. How have you seen Jesus pursue you in your life?

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